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*All restaurants in California are part of The Grateful Table Dine Out and are invited to use free marketing assets. Restaurants that add a guest donate option are featured.

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Your Guests Can Join the Relief Effort!

Help build a safety-net for restaurant workers right here in California. During November, add a donate option or round up to your orders and empower your guests to be part of the Restaurants Care relief effort.

Benefits for Your Brand

Promotion. Your restaurant will be featured on our site and social media.
Employee Moral. You’ll show your crew that you care about restaurant workers.
Community Goodwill. Guests will see you giving back during the holidays.


Zoom Recording on How to Get Started

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Restaurant Spotlight

Mendocino Farms ran a pilot campaign for Restaurants Care in the spring. Guests were given the opportunity to add $1, $5, or $10 to their orders. They raised over $40,000 during a multi-week campaign! Their guests wanted an outlet to support local relief efforts. Plus, they boosted team morale by demonstrating their commitment to supporting restaurant workers.

  • 10.6% of guests donated
  • The average donation was $3
  • Increased community goodwill and allowed guests to be part of something bigger
  • Boosted employee morale by showing their commitment to supporting restaurant workers
  • No impact on gratuity

“We received many more donations than expected and were amazed at how positively our Mendo guests responded to the call-for-help at the peak of the pandemic. I think our team and community felt good knowing that we were doing our part to help give back to the restaurant community during a difficult time. We also shared the grant resources to team members alongside the guest-facing campaign, which made the partnership with Restaurants Care feel even more impactful, tangible, and close-to-home.”


– Riki Swindler, Sr. Director of Marketing, Mendocino Farms

Thank you!

Save the Date! The Grateful Table Dine Out is back in November 2021!
Be sure to add us to your marketing calendar.

A heartfelt thank you to you all for rallying around restaurants and their crews this November! We had hundreds of restaurants – cafes, fine dining, food trucks, family restaurants and more – join us for this inaugural dining campaign. We were also joined by generous sponsors and marketing partners.